Fish & Cross Ranch - January 2013

posted Jan 23, 2013, 3:30 PM by Rod Atherton

This was a men/boy trip to Beautiful Yampa, Colorado for 4 days, 3 nights at the Fish & Cross Ranch.  Pack Country Outfitters hosted us and led us on an adventure of a lifetime.  2 feet of snow made the going difficult.  Our snow shoes sunk in the light snow so we were left to trudge through the snow for several days without them.  The trip included elk hunting for a few of the boys that elected to harvest an animal.  Most of the boys watched the many elk through binoculars and stalked them with great pride and success.  "It is okay to not harvest the elk" were the words of Christian.  He uttered these words as he sat in the deep snow on a steep hill after hours of stalking 18 elk spending the day in the snow among the aspens.  Christian's words were great words of wisdom as he enjoyed his 12th birthday with us on the top of a mountain.  We sat there and enjoyed the snow clouds rolling over the Flattops Wilderness as the elk sauntered across the valley below us stopping often to forage through the deep snow to the grass.  Sunday night included a trip to the natural hot spring in the 7 degree weather.  At 104 degrees, the hot spring was wonderful relaxation under the stars.  Had it not been for the continuous dares to get out and roll in the snow, the night would have been more relaxing!