February 2012 - Byers Trip

posted Feb 22, 2012, 3:54 PM by Finny Pheasant   [ updated Jun 7, 2012, 7:19 AM by Fred Block ]

Watching the sunrise as we drove to beautiful Byers, Colorado we talked about the day we were going to have in the field.  Of course safety was an issue but mostly we talked about what we were going to accomplish, who needed the biggest encouragement and how to accomplish self-esteem.  The kids wanted to sleep, but stayed involved in the conversation and got out of the car, ready for breakfast, knowing who among them they were to encourage with positive words.  And they succeeded in building the self esteem of their new friends.  The youth learned today that by giving of themselves, they get something out of it.  

Every youth got many opportunities to see game birds in the wild.  They saw the dogs work their hearts out and time after time, we watched the birds fly away safely as our hunting guide gave the "no shot" warning.  Admittedly, the game we were after are beautiful creatures and we got to enjoy them in their natural habitat.

Yet each of the kids was successful and we enjoyed cleaning our birds and packaging them for each of the kids to take home to feed their families.  The delight on their face was all-consuming as they told their families of their efforts and experiences.  A great day in the field!