Hunting For Purpose hosts a variety of outdoor events throughout the year to provide a unique opportunity for youth to experience the outdoors alongside a mentor. We have found that something amazing happens when kids are taken out of their normal environment and into nature. Youth tend to open up to their mentors and other youth, relationships are built, friendships are made and change happens. Our events are not only fun, but they are centered around personal development. Each event has a specific theme interweaving team building and group exercises alongside motivational messages to encourage the youth. Some examples of past themes are: Your Circle of Influence, Character Traits, Goal Setting, Group Dynamics, and Developing Passions.  Please check out our Calendar to learn more about our upcoming events - and our Blog to read about our past adventures. 


2012 brought a new concept for mentoring.  In an effort to attract the interest of young females, HFP created a great new program.  We launched a program titled a Year of Careers.  This program was a natural growth from our effort to encourage young women to find new opportunities and to set goals that are well above what their circumstances might offer.  We worked with the Jefferson County juvenile court to identify young ladies that might work well in our program and we started our program with a day titled Elevating Aspirations.  The day was designed to introduce the youth to the opportunities in aviation.  Amelia Earhart from Channel 9 News spent the day the 13 youth (all females).  The girls flew planes on flight simulators, wondered around aircraft at Wings Over the Rockies Air and Space Museum, ate lunch on the Tarmac at Centennial Airport among airplanes taking off and landing and then toured Denver in a private helicopter.

Amelia introduced the youth to many aviation opportunities and inspired them in ways that these young ladies had never experienced.  Amelia is committed to helping the girls next learn about broadcast news and opportunities in television.  The Year of Careers program will tour these ladies through careers in real estate, medical fields, education, beauty and a host of other career opportunities.

It is an exciting program and the interest amoung the youth is strong.  We look to grow the program and add new young females to the program throughout the year.


In order to maintain more regular contact with our youth, Hunting For Purpose meets at Warehouse 180 in Arvada, Colorado to put on bi-weekly events. At these Sunday events, youth and mentors gather from 5:00 to 7:00 PM at the warehouse. Formatted similar to our outdoor events, the evening consists of some fun and game time as well as a team building exercise and a message focused on personal development.

Warehouse 180 is very unique and fun place! The building is outfitted with indoor skateboarding ramps, dodgeball nets, basketball hoops, pool tables, a foosball table, a ping pong table and an air hockey table. It is the perfect place for our youth to hang out and have a good time. Examples of past Sunday Events include: dodgeball tournament, skate and scooter night, game night, etc.

Some of our youth have community service that they owe to the courts.  We are happy to accomodate those community service hours and our Sunday Programs can provide a good place to start the process.  If you have a youth that needs to fulfill these requirements, please contact us so that we can create a schedule to fulfill the hour requirements.

Warehouse: 180 is located at 8250 West 80th Avenue  Arvada, CO 80005.

Please contact us if you have any questions!