The use of Colorado’s natural resources provides unlimited possibilities for youth to become knowledgeable and to appreciate the outdoor life that Colorado offers. Through the mentoring of youth, opportunities flourish to teach respect for nature, God, other people and themselves. Time spent in the wilderness promotes open discussion and learning experiences that are unmatched.

Hunting For Purpose (“HFP”) will take advantage of the many outdoor adventures offered in Colorado including lawful hunting and fishing opportunities using private land as much as possible offered by land owners that appreciate and support the efforts to mentor youth.

We are much more than just a mentoring program. HFP is a non-profit 501(c3) corporation created to guide youth ages 10-17 with their journey to adulthood. 

Our mission is to build youth into men and women that have a purpose in life, capable of achieving anything!
  • HFP utilizes collage age adults and "latter in life" adults to be positive role models for youth.
  • We provide youth with positive mentoring and modeling so that they learn integrity, accountability, trust, strength, compassion and respect. 

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HFP provides a program with positive mentoring and outdoor adventures that serves youth and molds them into men and women with a purpose.

1. Mentoring – Youth will learn about nature and all of its beauty, secrets and wonders. This learning opportunity will be shared with knowledgeable outdoorsmen and mentors. Youth that participate in the outdoor adventure will strengthen bonds they form during the outdoor experience.

2. Morals and Ethics – This is a powerful opportunity for youth to have a bonding experience that creates trust, respect and builds close connections between youth and their Mentors. The participants will learn key morals and ethics that will shape them into becoming the men and women that are productive members of society.

3. Aprreciation for the Outdoors – Hunting, fishing and camping in Colorado’s outdoors is vital to mentoring youth in the areas of respect, knowledge and appreciation for the resources Colorado has. These activities give new perspectives on mentoring youth outside their normal environment.


HFP was formed to mentor youth at risk utilizing unique environments. HFP works closely with a large land trust that maintains and conserves vast areas of pristine land. The various lands are used to create unique outdoor environments for youth which would normally never be available. The young people are taught by mentors in several areas which include hunting, fishing, camping, and wilderness education. Along the way, mentors focus on building valuable morals and character traits that today’s youth so desperately need. We endeavor that participants in the HFP program will advance with a new outlook on life and the challenges they may encounter. These participants are often the impetus for others around them to join the HFP program. 

We find that the youth and the mentors both notice a major change in their lives after they have participated in the HFP program.  For Mentors it is an excuse to enjoy the outdoors and give of yourself.  For youth, it is a boatload of fun and a process to see what life looks like when you have a purpose!